Opening a bank account: Opening a bank account in Slovenia is similar for both, citizens and foreigners, and the account can be opened by a non-resident. A foreign national does not have to regulate residence in order to open a bank account in Slovenia. We recommend to find out what the rules are for individual banks. Certain rules may vary from bank to bank and banks may have certain specific conditions. To open an account with one of the banks in Slovenia, you will need the relevant documents as a non-resident, including: identity document (identity card or passport), Slovenian tax number, the tax number of the country where you have your registered residence.

Hardship and emergency funds: In addition to social assistance, refugees – if they do not have their own resources – have the right to cash assistance for private accommodation (access to non-profit housing) in the first three years, amounting to EUR 297 per person (for each subsequent person in the household this amount is reduced).

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